Sunday, May 2, 2010

My great week ended on Friday. Here are my highlights:

Monday: Painted walls for SEAF, had a scrimmage practice that I jammed in! And late dinner with friends where the waitress gave us each 4 loaves of bread!

Tuesday: Met and helped the SEAF show director build the set. Had PMS and practice. I also only had 3 days of 4 hours/night sleep so I was not 100%...

Wednesday: Was at SEAF 10A-11P working on the set (and missing practice). The set was entirely made from cardboard, everything had to be cut out, scored, bent, glued, etc. I only got one paper cut!

Thursday: I organized paperwork and cut out surveys before helping finish the set. The director asked me to be a prop in the puppet part of the show and it scares me, but I said yes! Then I went home and got ready for the party. I wore hardly anything, I liked getting ogled as long as they didn't get too close and talk to me! It was funny squeezing through the crowd and rubbing my actual ass cheeks on people! Hahaha!

Friday: I packed food for work (graveyard shift), clothes for work (so I'm not in a garter belt till 8AM), clothes to be a table for the puppet show (all black), and got ready for the Party. There was major wardrobe malfunction (darn striped thigh highs!), but I made it and was only an hour late. (That was "my" late-later than I planned on, not late for the show.) I got to hang out with a friend who had worked security and we watched Twisted Monk do some hot rope bondage magic! Terri left before the main show started (kids and husband at home) and I got to watch the first half. It was amazing- the show was reviewed as a "Must see!" a "greatest hits of Seattle burlesque". Haha! And I was the table for a few minutes for the final puppet scene.

I had a blast! I ran off the stage and to my car and made it to work with 3 minutes to spare. Good thing Van doesn't care that I show up in a whirlwind and super short skirt!

Been at work since and I'm off in 2 1/2 hours. I don't think this week could top last, but here's to trying!

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