Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot Yoga

A friend was going to a Hot Yoga class, 10 classes for $10, I love to try new things and I went.

It was very hot. Yeah, I know, it's in the title, but it was claustrophobic-ly hot. It felt all kinds of wrong to be that hot and not be trying to cool myself. Seeking shade, a fan, a pool, AC...

I didn't last very long doing actual yoga in that heat; and as I laid on my mat sweat soaked and dripping from every exposed skin surface class went on, and my brain was on repeat:

*You are ok. You are not dying.
*People die from dehydration with water in their canteen, trying to conserve: DRINK!
*Need more water.

In that heat I moved slow and deliberate. As soon as class was over and I was back in regular temps I was giddy. I was soaked, cold, thirsty, and excited to try it again.
Note: While I heard a couple passes of gas, I never smelled anything. And no one had BO. I was worried Hot would = Smelly. Good surprises!
I think I've posted this before, "make your own panty" tutorial, I did! I followed the directions for panties and booty shorts. The shorts were easier to make, but the panties are super cute.

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