Friday, December 11, 2009

"If your core is warm, you're warm...

and by core I mean 'junk'." My cousin said of his fleece underwear. I wore my snow pants more than once- and we had no snow!! Just temps in the teens.

Last week was busy, this week I took off. I started my debauchery by skipping the only practice I could make it to- to do arts and crafts with my friend and her kids. Then I was in Portland visiting cousins the rest of the week. It was below freezing the whole week- not that I would have exercised if it were warmer... but serious slothiness happened. And gluttony.

Thanksgiving week I ate pie and thought I was doing dietary evil. This week I had fried pie! It's so good! I think everyone should have it once, I had it twice!! It's just bad. (In a really good way!) And Voodoo Doughnuts, again, why stop with one, when two is twice the fat and calorie goodness! Ok, besides those I wasn't that bad... I mean, I shared some cajun tater tots with my cousins at Kennedy High School, and had a Hot Wok fried noodle dish split between 2 meals... I ate some salads too!

I'm finally back at home and acting like a responsible adult, Van Morrison is playing, dishes are being done, some low cal meals have been prepared, and I just might pick up around here; I have 4 hours until I start work.

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