Saturday, February 11, 2012

heavy subject

I saw my trainer Thursday and he cocked his head, "Would you get on a scale?" (I stared silently at him.) "You don't have to look, but I want to track this, you look leaner but I have no way to know." Yeah. I will. Just. I don't want to be all about numbers. I feel stronger. I like going off feelings. "Do your clothes feel looser?" That's not the feelings I meant! I have no idea, I mostly wear stretchy lounge clothes, and my jeans always feel tight out of the dryer and are falling off after a day of wear.

I got on the scale... I didn't look. He worked me out really hard after that! And upped ALL my reps of ALL my activities for the next week. I did mention the cheese thing to him (that I eat it and love it) and he smiled and said, "We'll get there."

Before it's off limits- This week I ate pizza, thai, tater tots, bacon, spicy polish dog with cream cheese, booze, ice cream... I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. I really love food.

On Valentine's Day I will be taking his spin class for the first time. I'm scared!
(photo is 2 years old)

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