Thursday, February 16, 2012

half veggies and other woes

Today as my trainer was about to take me off carbs from 6pm-6am, my face made some... face, he re-asked my sleep schedule. And since it's not consistent, a diet based on hours of the day would not be either... We talked about food some more; since my biggest food block is vegetables and fruits, this week's change/plan/goal is to eat whole grains and 4 servings of [produce] a day.

Me: "So.. what about artichoke hearts canned in water?"
Trainer: "Hmm... They are half vegetables. Good fiber, not too much else. Try to eat colorful and fresh foods. And whole grains! No more crackers!"
Me: "So whole grain chocolate oatmeal?"
Trainer: "What?! No."

Hahaha! What are other people eating? Chocolate oatmeal makes sense. I mean, after the deliciousness of chocolate cheerios- of course I'd try the oatmeal. Seriously. I only have 3 packets left, I might eat them anyways. They really have whole grain oats, milled flax seed, and chocolate chips. They are delicious, and if I eat them gone, I won't have them to tempt me anymore.

We did some crazy metabolic workout today. Oddly the first sets of everything was worse because I was so aware and being corrected on form. Once I had that down, I could zone out and power through. Well. There's always one that makes me want to cry and arms shake and sweat drips. Also funny was conversating during it, how much can you say as you catch your breath and re-set for the next thing? Not much.

me: "ohmigod"
Trainer: How are you doing?
But it's a good burn. You're doing good.
me: *eyeroll* (and heavy breathing)
trainer: You're really sweaty, that's what we want. Re-set, and start in 5...4...3...
me: *wipes sweat off nose and chin and starts again*

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