Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm not *that* old!

I have been skating and it's hard to remember how I used to be, not hard to remember hard, but emotionally hard to think I used to be able to do this and now I'm struggling a lot.

My ankle is a lost cause!! It hurts randomly, sharp pains shoot from the inside "ankle ball" making it feel unstable. But it doesn't hurt more or less after reduced skating, so..

A few weeks ago I was cleared for skating as long as I want (duration); no jumping or hitting. I've been back skating full practices and dying from lack of endurance and stability on my right side. After every practice my previously injured thigh feels thick and slow. My PT guy said that is scar tissue and to ignore it. Hahaha! That is my new mantra, "IGNORE IT!!"

Really similar with what my grandpa used to say, "Just keep moving."

My birthday is this week. On my birthday 3 years ago I got the phone call about how sick my grandpa was, he died about 2 months later. It's been hard to recover from that. This year I'm planning nothing, ignoring it, just keep moving!

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