Tuesday, December 14, 2010

review: We Love Colors

Just a quick note, my order just arrived from We love Colors!

I order a size up for tights because of the waistband tightness under layers of clothes, but I hate when the rise (waistband) reaches my boobs. Tights: Good color, a high rise, 3rd panel?! There is a panel of fabric in a "V" shape over the butt-to crotch area creating seams on the ass cheeks. *that could be only on Plus Sized tights* I don't know. I don't like this because some booty shorts will show seams or are smaller than the 3rd panel!!

You can see a 3rd panel in the striped tights I wore last winter from (plus size) Leg Avenue:

Fishnets: I like them, Great color. The net is smaller than some I've seen. I usually cut the toes/feet off to stop chaffing when skating, there is no special fabric in the toe area like some, to stop toes from poking through. And there are no seams, not even in the crotch area! <3

Booty Shorts: I LOVE all the color options, but I feel like sizes are off; I ordered based on my weight and the waist band fits but the leg area is kinda baggy. I don't have as big an ass as my big waist would indicate... For them to "fit" not baggy at the leg opening, I can pull the waist up *really* high and wear them riding up my ass. They then look like swim bottoms under my t-shirt.

Also- the order took a couple weeks to get here, but I can't wait- I have the perfect tank-top for them!

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