Sunday, December 19, 2010

review: Dreamy Knee High Tube Socks

These socks look so cute online!! I hesitate with tube socks because my feet are sensitive to things around my toes, these are no different... the seam fits under the toes when worn and my toes hate that.

SO I cut the seam, put on different socks, and wore them over!!

TUBE SOCK-LEG WARMERS!! And still super cute!

I forgot to post here too- boring old rubber boots? cut a slit, hole punch down, and lace them up! I did this a few days ago to my old boots- I wear them once a year for a day or two. I'll replace the holiday ribbon once I get to the store! note: I left 8 inches intact. I hope the great flood is only about 6 inches deep!


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