Monday, November 15, 2010

Bank on That!

A week and a day ago our banked track was completed. 4 practices and 2 extra mini open skate times to try and "get" it...

My aches and pains: the bank of the track no longer makes my "pusher" foot so stressed and my foot joint/bunion doens't hurt. My left thigh still gets fatigued but not as fast. My left outside calf cramps up (new). My ass is sore from both working extra on the bank and falling on it while I get the rhythem and flow. And my low back aches from the new derby stance- crooked.

Differences in the skating: You have to keep your feet moving or fall to the inside. You can skate the whole thing doing crossovers to the outside (right) if you want to! (Or if you need to stay near the top of the bank.) They want us skating a lot smaller compared to the long powerful strides we were taught, quick, controlled (left or right crossovers), small strides. --> I need to be able to skate close to people- smaller strides, need to skate fast-quick strides, and need to be able to skate where needed (high or low on bank)-controlled strides.

Um... I've been a part of one pack and it was a hilarious disaster. We stopped and went back to practicing small crossovers in both directions. I've made it through one pace line three times and failed a 2 person wall pace line 3 times. No one is ok/used to skating small and controlled on the bank; the 2 people walls were not "walls" they were so far apart or not in the center of the track. It was a basic drill that I've never had that kind of problem or FAIL before.

I'm working on being ok falling again. I had that mental wall of being comfortable and not wanting to fall last winter and didn't improve. Now I don't want to break anything, after I fall I take a moment to make sure I'm/my ankle is ok... Ugh.

Get out of my head! Do it and fall and get up and do it again!

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