Monday, October 25, 2010

PT finally cleared me for everything on the leagues' list. I am getting evaluated this week and I don't think I will pass. You know the last time I took a hit or gave a hit?! It was the day I broke my leg! Oh man, it's almost been 5 months.

I have lost of the strength in my right foot/lower calf area, it doesn't bother me for most activities but for skate stride it's a lot of power that I'm still lacking. And Ladders! I climbed a ladder to my friend's bed and wanted to cry. PT has me doing heel raises like a mad woman, both feet, up on both- down on right, and right solo. Also hopping on my right leg. She laughed at me, I laughed first, but I can't hop, my right foot doesn't have the strength to spring. (My leg does, but there's none of that soft landing springy thing going on.)

I've been working a lot (too much) and skating when I can, this week is another busy week I'll be squeezing skating in where I can. I will get a large pay check and that makes me happy, I already ordered some new underwear and have been looking at socks, tights, and fetish clothes that I can wear for multi-purpose. Like fishnets, layers of fishnet fun.

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