Saturday, August 7, 2010

Physical (Mental) Therapy

I started PT about 10 days ago. She told me my foot was strong I could probably drive. So I tried it early the next morning (light out but few cars) and have been driving ever since. Then I stopped doing the stretches.

A few days ago I had my second PT and she asked me how it was- I slacked but have been (in boot) walking and (out of boot) driving. She asked, "And how is that going?" Great. I love not using a crutch, I love driving myself again. I even limped across the apartment out of the boot to get something and was fine.

She then had me do things on an un-booted foot and asked me to tell her what and where I felt pain. It is mostly in the opposite side of my heel, the front where the foot and leg meet. She says, "not on the side?" (points to my fibula) No. "What about the ankle balls?" Hmm, nope.

She then said the best thing ever: "That's not bone pain, that is all mobility related, your joint is tight. I'm going to suggest spending as much time as you're comfortable out of the boot. I'm going to make a note for your doctor."

She added 3 more out of boot exercises to my PT. I'm more comfortable out of the boot wondering slowly around my apartment- like my foot won't be falling off. It's cool.

In other news I saw my doctor, it's been a year. My cholesterol is ok, not great, but not terrible. Also! HbA1c was 6. SIX!! That is while sitting around broken, and eating out and frozen foods. I'm not on diabetes meds or anything!!

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