Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16 days of broken

Monday, 14 days into broken fibula the foot screaming stopped. My muscles relaxed in the cast or... I felt like I lost muscle mass so that it's just lose enough that everything in there is comfortable. I was told that about 2-2 1/2 weeks there would be a lessening of pain/discomfort, I was thrilled to reach it, Monday was going great...

Then I fell crutching down the hall... landed on my knee, or bounced and slid because my whole knee is bruised and there are two rug burns!! Everything-knee to toe swelled!! It was so uncomfortable in the cast, I took Advil, the one thing I was told NOT to take. But it's the one thing that works... It's been a day and a half since I fell and I feel back to not swollen and uncomfortable.

Today I will get an in cast x-ray to see how it's going. I hope the fall Monday didn't do any damage, I had a mental breakdown over the weekend (crying and hating everyone-then wanting to trip and beat them with my crutch) I can't wait till this is over. I'm 2 weeks and 2 days in. A co worker who had knee surgery just posted on facebook that he limped the trash out for the first time in 4 months. I can not take that long. I will stab people!


  1. You have to help me, I recently broke the same bone and had to have surgery because of the severity of the break and supposed to get the cast put on Monday and staples removed. is it painful when they put the cast on? Do you shower or bathe? Is the cast very uncomfortable? Feel free to email me I am not doing much these days,lol.

  2. I am only 18 days into being broken so I'm sure there are people better suited to answering more long term dealing with stuff, BUT I am rarely comfortable in my cast/ being broken. I was in a LOT of pain the first few days; when they casted me they had me force my foot to a 90 angle, and I was uncomfortable (foot screaming pain) for about 5 days. Now I am uncomfortable intermittently.

    I shower about every other day, I sit on a stool in the bath tub with my leg out of the shower and covered/ protected from the water. I wipe my leg (as far as I can reach in the cast) and toes down with baby wipes but it gets funky by the toes.

    The cast itself was easy, once my foot was at the right angle. He put a big stretchy fabric tube (like a sock) over my leg/foot, used adhesive foam cut to the shape of my leg, foot, heel, on the tube, then used a long strip of fiberglass and wrapped it up. pulled the tube back over the ends of the fiberglass wrap (that is the soft white part you see on the edges of the cast) and wrapped it again with a colored fiberglass strip. It was hard almost instantly and isn't that heavy. As my muscles have relaxed and my leg loses muscle mass it is looser on my leg and I feel weird when it shifts or sometimes it just feels heavy/awkward/ and uncomfortable.

    Good luck. It totally sucks. No one gets it or realizes how hard everything is. I can't drink from a glass because after pouring it I can not crutch it to my bed. Thank goodness for nalgene bottles!

  3. Wow, I am so sorry you are uncomfortable with the cast. My doctor told me the cast will be more comfortable than the splint I have now and provide more support and I won't have to worry about bumping it because it is strong and hard.

    As far as showering I ordered a special cast cover for the shower so I don't have to be worried about getting it wet and my husband helps me get in and out and I have been taking a bath but the chair in the shower might be a better idea! I know it's yucky by my toes and it's too hot to wear a sock and not sure it would fit over the cast once I get it,ugh. I wish I could get a pedicure,lol.

    So the cast doesn't sound too painful to put on but it sounds like a whole process. Do I get to pick the the color of the colored fiberglass strip? What color do you have? What do you usually wear? I think I am going to have to go to the story and get some capris I am not sure my jeans will fit over the cast.

    Awwww, I know! I hate people and get so frustrated. I need so much help with everything and get so tired trying to get around and I have constant pain and swelling!

    Well I hope you feel better and heal fast and would love if we could chat it would be nice to have someone that knows what I am going through,Amy.

  4. Amy,
    How are you doing? I had a really busy week (a death and a retirement in the family on top of regular stuff) so I wasn't online as much.

    The cast is more comfortable than the splint, but I still am generally uncomfortable. I am 3 days and 5 hours from getting the cast off. I think that the skin that is in constant contact with the cast has issues. I don't know, but it feels either itchy or burny if I pay any attention to it. I try to ignore it.

    This week they told me I could start putting some weight on my foot. I did, and while there is no bone pain there is just weird cast/skin pain from rubbing or pressure so I haven't been standing on it very much.

    Did you figure out what to wear? I have all my summer clothes in rotation shorts and skirts. I have one pair of "fat" jeans that fit over my cast. Being in roller derby I usually wear knee or thigh high socks on my good leg. If my cast leg feels cold I keep a leg warmer in my backpack that fits over the cast. Also from roller derby a lot of my tights have the toes cut off and if I'm determined enough, I can get them on over my cast and will stuff it down into my cast. at mom's retirement party:

    I have to give a shoutout to all the people who have been helping me. From the ref who was there when I broke myself letting me flirt relenlessly with him. To derby girls picking me up to take me shopping and carrying my bags back to the 3rd floor walk-up apartment. And the ladies who were broke before me who help me feel "normal" when I cry and want to trip people and beat them with my crutch.

    Keep in touch and feel free to vent!

  5. Hi Katie, I am so sorry about the death in the family and offer my condolences. So I got my cast and boy does it suck! I ended up with blue although I am hating it,lol. I love your style though and you look adorable! It does get pretty itchy and uncomfortable, I am sorry it's burny, I do feel for you. I tried walking on the cast and felt the same thing and just weird!
    Soooo, here is what I have been wearing. Shorts,skirts,knee length dresses although I have to wear short leggings under otherwise when I put my foot up people see too much which a nice lady pointed out at the coffee shop,hahaha. I tried putting tights over the cast and they ripped, help!!!!!!!! I just can't get jeans over them for the life of me and I finally got my friend to paint my toes,lol. How long did it take for you to stuff it in your cast? It really looks great and like the cast went over them,lol.
    Aww, don't cry and wish I were closer and could offer you support and it seems like you have a great group of friends which is great! if you ever feel like venting to me you can email me,,stay cute. Amy