Friday, March 5, 2010

pills and smells

I started taking CO enzyme Q10 and a new joint health supplement. I'm excited to see if I notice anything awesome. If my knee, jaw or ankle stop cracking that will be amazing. (There is no pain in those joints, just snap crackles and pops...) I've also been experimenting with melatonin. I just mean how little can I take and feel the effects, I've taken 1/4 of a pill (1-2 pill serving size) and slept for 9 hours. I need to try taking some and set my alarm for a short period to see if I can use it to fall asleep but still get up in 4 or so hours. That would be most useful!

I usually wash my gear once a month, different degree of washing for different things- Last month I noticed my helmet strap irritating my behind-the-ear to under-chin area; the build up of sweat was finally getting to me! I just rinse the whole thing really well now.

Knee pads and helmet liner just get a few minutes in lightly sudsy water, they don't smell but I know are wet with sweat after each skate.

The elbow pads and wrist guards are super funky and first get soaked in bleach water. Then they get rinsed and soaked in soapy water.

My elbow pads smell awful, the wrist guards are worse. I hate driving home and catching wafts of gross coming off my hands. I hope others can't smell me, if they could I want them to tell me. Really.

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