Friday, March 12, 2010

all over the place

I have been really busy and not updating. We had practice every day this week. I loved it. It was in prep for the leagues' first bout. The drama has dissolved and there is just derby love getting rubbed all over the place!

mini tmi: While cotton underwear are not pretty and sexy, they totally help a girl not stink when she wears her crash pants 4 days in a row, and by stink you know I mean the swamp crotch in the girl parts because the crash pants don't breath to well... I'm just throwing that out there...

I feel like I've been skating good, (still slow! but getting better). Monday feels so far away I don't remember anything but I looked cute and had fun. Tuesday I was totally wiped out and skated like it. Wednesday I skated with the non-bouting girls and yelled a lot! It was fun to do drills I felt comfortable doing, enough to yell at the girls! Hahaha! Thursday we ran a few drills then played games, Hokey Pokey, the chicken dance song thing, limbo-ed, had a pep-talk... It was to relax and have fun and not get injured before the bout- GO RAIL BIRDS!! Ka-KAW!!

Hit the gym twice this week, would have gone tonight but needed to get everything ready for this weekend. I still have 4 errands to run tomorrow, after sleeping-before work.

I bought healthy good junk food to keep me going all weekend and I can not tell you how excited I am to make a double batch of buffalo mac as my pasta/carb for the weekend days.

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