Saturday, February 6, 2010


Thursday I was circling the block downtown to find the parking garage entrance and passed a parked cop car, as I turned the corner the cop car was right behind me lights flashing. I started to slow, but there was no place to stop and the only place to pull in was the parking garage entrance. I pulled in. The cop did not. I parked my car in a far off corner hoping they did not get my license plate and were not going to try and find me. I don't know what I did! Did I mention my tabs expired on Monday?

Anyways... Shawn Colvin at the Triple Door was fun, food was amazing, and then I had to run off early to go skating!

Again with the personal wall breaking, I skated beyond my comfort zone. I fell twice! It's so weird to fall at adult skate, and awesome to be padded up- slide like I'm on ice, and hop up as fast as I can. One fall was avoiding hitting someone and one was trying something new. So there!

My "Aunt Flow" came 5 days early!!! WTF!?! That is so NOT OK. I ate mac-n-cheese, Fro-Yo, and hand-fulls of advil Friday. Now I'm super hungry, I can not stop eating. But I'm off cold meds after almost 12 days...

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