Sunday, February 14, 2010

*eye roll*

time to update since I'm at work for 12 hours!

Last Wednesday I skated practice in new skates. I was a little unsteady getting used to the new. I love my skates! It is weird to not have an ankle strap, and I got a little raw spot on both feet, but I kept in them for Adult skate, break them in as fast as possible.

Thursday was bar night at George & Dragon. Nothing super exciting, I love my league mates and enjoy getting to spend time with them not skating.

Friday I went by myself to The Comet for The Redwood Plan... I saw 2 great bands, or, one ok band with an awesome drummer chick, one great band with 3 guys who played a song then told us we could "pop" with them as they removed their shirts for the rest of their set, and finally The Redwood Plan was on and I had to go! I called work asking if I could be late and come in early next week- Thank-you Van!! And got to see The Redwood Plan's last Seattle show for a while- they are going on tour and recording a new album.

So... here's Valentine's weekend and I am working 28 of the 48 hours, not skating, and don't have a Valentine. (Or chocolate!) I'm rolling my eyes A LOT this weekend and should try to get a handle on that, but it's eye rolling in place of sarcastic comments or alcohol...

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