Friday, January 15, 2010


I think I got the mehs...

I want things I can not have and it's discouraging.

I want to skate faster, I want off-skate workouts to be part of my dues and not something extra I have to pay for. I would like someone to break down each skate/step and tell me where their weight is and what they are pushing with until I get it instead of telling me to get low and keep moving my feet. I want to go to more practices-I want more week day practices. I want to sleep for 8 hours straight! I want...

I made it to the gym 3 times, but not much else. I went to the scrimmage on Wednesday against the Hula Honeys and was so discouraged that combined with emotional state and lack of sleep, I cried. Then sent an email to the coaching and practice committee...

Today I also got waxed! It was after an emotional 48 hours and strangely perfect to help the internal emotion and pain have an external outlet. It hurt so bad, but it was over pretty quick and the best part was the company- it was one of the derby sister's salon!

I had parked on the street- paid the max 2 hours and left the salon over an hour after my parking expired, the first truck had a parking ticket, the second car had the meter maid writing him a ticket, and my car sat there with none... I got in my car quick and got the "shame-shame" head shake from the guy as he noticed my expired meter.

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