Sunday, January 24, 2010

dragging on

LAST Wednesday I made it to Adult Skate, and Friday I skated 4 laps around Green Lake, I also made it to the gym 3 times, it was a good week. I still had problems eating and sleeping that stem from emotional stuff, and didn't get nearly all I wanted to done before the weekend; this weekend was busy and work got in the way of fun with derby sisters for sure...

I'm leaving for Texas 7 hours after I get off work, I'm not packed. I'm not ready. I'm excited to visit the kids and bring my skates and gear and get some BFF time with Heather- there is much to talk about!!

A normal 8 hour work day always lasts too long when a- I'm missing fun stuff like practice and derby skate night at the roller rink and b- I've got something really important/fun to do next.

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