Saturday, December 5, 2009

get busy livin'

Been really busy, but it's just life normal stuff. Skated Green Lake, 2 Adult Skates, gym, Punk Rock Flea Market prep/set-up, dinner with my cousins etc. I love skating! I tried on some Riedell Wickeds and am dreaming about my next pair. A mini or stippled bruise formed on my thigh... NOT from a fall!! I hope my sore thigh is working through it's issues.

I had more money in my account when I checked so I bought a pre-made salad (splurge!), socks that were clearanced, new foot beds for my skates (so the others could go back into their shoe) and a backpack.

I had all my gear in the car, curious about this ski-boot backpack I saw online being sold for skate gear... I hauled my crap into REI and shoved it all in this backpack, and it fit with some room to spare. I put it on and wore it around for a few minutes... nice fit, balanced... I bought it. I'm not sure I'll keep it, but when I pack for Portland (train travel) I might like how portable and hands free it'll be to transport and keep with me (vs leaving a wheelie case in the luggage bin).

I usually love holidays, I'm not sure if it's sunk in that this is it- it's here. But I'm feeling passive. I think I have my normal hours/income, but feel super broke all the time and have warned everyone I'm not shopping this year. That's mostly true... home made stuff for the Top 10 List*, mini gifts for the immediate family, and H's family gets their gifts when I visit in 2010.

I think I'll try to get into the spirit next week. Watch a few holiday favorites, spend some time walking around downtown - pretty lights and festivities, work on my list, and if it would just snow!!

*H gave me the idea for the 10 List. Besides the "I'll give gifts when I want to" any time of the year sort of attitude (she gives gifts all the time); to keep on budget she will only give "Christmas" gifts to 10 people.

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