Friday, November 13, 2009

tmi- deprivation of one kind or another

I went to bed with 7.5 hours till my alarm was set. I woke up after 4. I'm over tired. I don't understand what the brain is thinking, why? what is so exciting it wants to be awake?

I toss and turn. I get up and pee. I get up and drink water. I get more water and take some advil- sleepless nights cause headaches. I bring a granola bar back into bed with me. Maybe an hour goes by and I'm thinking about time and the sleep I'm not getting; I decide to get into my best "fall asleep position" and visualize. I go through the limbs, neck, face, relaxing muscle groups thinking of laying in the middle of tall grass, waving in the breeze. I love the sound and smell and start composing emails for 2 groups of people I need to introduce, the crafts I need to start making for the Flea Market, how I'm going to set up the booth, the checklist of supplies, to make sure and tell the injured skaters to use the back door, and most important of all the mannequin isn't mine and can't have any harm come to him, etc.

I'm a sleepless freak, we have 3 weeks till that event. I'm not really concerned with "this" stuff. Money. Time of the month next week? My toenails are so long I feel them touching the sheet... Endless random thoughts!

Turn it off!!

I open my book and read. I love this book and pass another hour, it's so exciting I'm the opposite of calm, tired, relaxed. With 90 minutes and counting I went all in. I scratched the itch. I lay there spent for a few minutes before I started thinking about 7-11 nachos. And Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. And the cranberry goat cheese already in my fridge- the salsa I brought to work yesterday but forgot to bring chips...

I give up. I'll get up. I will shower and go to work a 12 hour shift on 4 hours of sleep...

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