Thursday, November 19, 2009

the thighs the limit

I drove past "The Lusty Lady" and that was their current slogan... And my thigh, totally is my limit.

I've been skating 3 nights in a row, made it to the gym 2 of the nights, and my thigh, both knees and ankle pain me. The ankle is the what I injured last week, it felt fine (didn't feel anything) until a couple hours after practice yesterday. It's a pain twinge in certain positions or movements, no skating for a few days and it will heal. The knee bones feel tender. That I blame on all the knee falling between tag and suicides, my new pads are on their way!!

I don't know what to do about my freakin' thigh. I ice, I heat, I ignore, I work it out harder... and it hurts to point of quivering and not supporting my weight. Yeah, that's an issue.

Other than the pains, I still love skating. I wish I could skate and not have the big stupid grin on my face, but I'm really glad that I do.

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