Tuesday, November 17, 2009

slow rainy day

Practice was cancelled so I was for sure going to Adult Skate last night. I brought a snack to eat on the drive, but the rain was hard enough I was busy driving and forgot to eat. 2 hour Adult Skate with a break for stretching, water, eating a snack cause I was running out of energy, talking, and it felt very un-productive... Except in the camaraderie way. I like our girls, I'm so glad that there is always a handful at open skates, and that they are nice and encouraging to each other. (And me!)

I stopped by the store to pick up diet junk food and the cashier asked if I was cold (I was sweaty and rained on) "Yes. I was roller skating." Gave him the 30 second banked track roller derby spiel. He says: "Eat hot water cornbread. I'm making that for Thanksgiving, it's a Southern thing!" I thanked him and left... I googled and found that is cornbread dough balls fried. I don't get it, fattening me up so I'm not cold? So I have heft to knock girls down?

Once home I was going to eat and then go to the gym but got distracted with Netflix watch right now feature... and to kinda be productive while sitting on my ass I changed my helmet name (to "Flood"), added a sticker and painted 2 skull-n-cross bones. Since Coach calls me Miss Flood because we have 5 or 6 Katies, I was thinking I'd use Flood as part of my derby name...

The 187 Pro knee pads I want came in at Sin City; I cancelled the order I made a month ago with a skate shop that promised them over 2 weeks ago, and ordered the pads and shoe laces from Sin City. My laces are shredded from pavement falling. I sould have also ordered this t-shirt, I like the rule, but often I have douchey evil thoughts...

I bought pork and don't know how to cook it. I'll work on that when I get up.

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