Friday, November 13, 2009

sk8 or murder someone!!

I've been staying in a lady's house who just had back surgery to help take care of her and her HUGE Mastiff while her husband was out on business. It was Hell. It was money under the table and I didn't have to wipe ass or scoop dog poop... but desperate housewives on vicodin are selfish privileged and whiny. Not my kind of people. I Loved the dog, and I was 5 houses from my friend (how the husband heard about me) and did I mention money under the table? Her husband didn't tell her that I was leaving each night for practice, which I told him was my ONLY thing I had to do for 3 days, and each day she asked, "Does Scott know about this?" yes. "Does he know you're leaving this early?" He didn't ask... I might have murdered her if I didn't get out of there to skate each day. Also hell- no internet.

The week's derby updates: Monday was a rules clinic and league meeting. I got through most of the WFTDA 4.0 before the clinic= I had read all that was covered, and got a little frustrated by the questions that were clearly covered in the rules. League meeting didn't have any "new" information for me; I've been poking my nose around the league's forum, into committee's meeting minutes, sending emails if I had questions. I wished some of the girls would recognize the difference between questions ABOUT a committee and suggestions or questions FOR the committee. The "for the committee" stuff should/could be taken care of by committee heads via email or face to face- example "I know this great band that could play an event in 3 months." That is not a league meeting worthy comment- email it.

Tuesday practice + still sore butt made me anxious and I skated with the new chicks for low fall probability. Transitions are my new challenge.

Wednesday practice kicked ass!! I love skating. More jumping, more pace lines, endurance skating, and more line up-wall building- scrimmages. There was one little fall that I didn't notice too much at the time but now I think I hyper extended my foot because I keep getting sharp pain twinges in my ankle going down stairs..?

Friday Parking Garage skating is postponed... Skate chick had an earlier work start time than they remembered, and when I got to work (11:45PM) was asked about splitting a shift, means off at 7:45A for 12, then back for 12 at 7:45P. Did I mention money yet?

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