Tuesday, November 3, 2009

like that

I have a new theme song...

Practice was fun, hopping, pacelines, and pile-ups. We practiced hitting, then we got to hit our coach a few times, that always makes roller girls happy!

No juicey stories... Unless you want to hear about my butt some more. I fell 2 times during one paceline drill, neither bad, the lines were fun, one drill was harder for me, the backwards worm, because I can't control my speed as well as most of the girls.

Then we were doing this fun but crazy 2 pace line thing, one of "blockers" and one of "jammers". The Blocker line skated at a nice slow-ish pace, the Jammer line wormed through us, continuously. It was a really good idea, and I liked doing it... the problems I saw were- the blocker line sort of predicting or accommodating the weave of jammers so that we were not in a straight line (and we could have stayed on a track line, but it wasn't verbalized, and it didn't happen) -and the jammer line had different levels of speeds or comfortableness so they got bunched up... Because we didn't have pennies/jerseys, you didn't know for sure who was in what line when it got bunched, and there was a pile-up.

Awesomely the pile-up was not caused by me... but I was behind it and fell on my ass. Again. Exact same place as last week, took a minute to breath and then back on my skates. I didn't stick around for Open Skate (at the rink), even though I clearly need the practice! All I could think of was getting home to multiple ice packs.

After I got ice I sat down at the computer for a few minutes, could barely keep my eyes open and took a nap. Now it's 2 AM, my steak just finished, and after eating I plan on going to the gym. Cause I'm hardcore like that. (insert theme song here)

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