Saturday, November 7, 2009

in my head

Wednesday I skated Green Lake. I loved being back on the lake, the path is way nice and normally there is no streets to cross. I met up with a former TTRB coach at a different parking area than (my) normal, and had the most difficulty of the day just crossing the street. After we were 1/3 a lap around he mentioned that he and [TTRB skater] broke up. My jaw dropped.

For fear of gossiping or stuff that's just not my business...
I have all these mixed emotions... having left a relationship that wasn't going where I wanted, and gotten over my sad, and into some new adventures. I'm excited for them to have that chance. There's something to be said for the courage to end something that isn't what you want, in hope. It takes a while, they probably do not have the "exciting new adventures ahead" feeling yet. I miss having a person. I mean, when something happens and you want to share it and your person is no longer your person... who do you tell? It breaks your heart every time! It's awful and hard. And (because everything is about me)... it sucks to be down a good coach.

And! How come this wasn't gossiped or even announced, I mean we are 88 girls (40 something skaters back when he was a coach), we must have set some kind of record for keeping gossip info under wraps per females in a group!

It was a fun 3 laps of the lake before taking off my skates to walk across the street to my car. I went home and ate some goodness, dried out, and changed wheels before heading out to Adult Skate, where I was tired but excited to see a bunch of derby girls and work on crossovers.

One of my friends had surgery Wednesday- and her birthday Thursday. Another friend and her son where in town (from Texas) and stayed in my studio with me. It's kinda like camping in the city. With running water. I love them. Today their family is having a Thanksgiving/ Family Reunion sort of thing/ Cowgirl Birthday Party. Well, I'm crashing their dinner and Georgia wants a cowgirl themed birthday party and I like that kind of thinking, so I'm going with that!

AND tonight is a roller derby event that I have to go to (I have the merch box) but I am not sure how I'll do this all without sleep?

UPDATE: Maybe I was too tired and busy to see this option, but maybe they want to get back together, so there's no reason to tell anybody that they aren't...

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