Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I will do everything I can.

I'm having a really hard day, this guy I did work for is a douche. I AM calling a lawyer tomorrow, I know I'll be getting less, and it will NOT be under the table now, but I want this guy to pay for his dick moves. I'm so angry that he thinks I'm to [timid/small/inconsequential] he can pay me less than we agreed on and I will do nothing. I will do everything I can.

This weird letter and small check arrived just before I left for practice tonight and totally pissed me off. I hate being distracted at practice and had to come up with a plan quick, so my brain would relax- I'm calling a lawyer. I'm planning on returning his check with a letter that I expect full payment as agreed on before the job, by [a date], please send all correspondence through the lawyer. I really want the letter to be drafted by a lawyer, so I know I will have to call and pay for one, and claim taxes on the money, but I have made peace with that. So-what, I am a girl, Don't F with me!

I played some loud sing along music so I could yell and get it out before practice. It worked, I totally forgot about the situation until eating salad at The Pub at Piper's Creek...

Which brings me to actual roller derby talk... I enjoyed practice a lot, (we were at the slippery floor location= do less impact drills) and did a gigantic pack drill, crossovers (both directions) suicides, endurance, backwards skating, some spinny thing I couldn't do, and my favorite ever: FREEZE TAG!!

It was all awesome. I left there to met up with some TTRB girls at the pub... eating a salad, hanging out and having a good time. Then I remembered the douche bag. And how lucky I am to like my life and friends so much I can forget his antics. I have the power and the grace to let it go.

I'm conflicted right now. I will call a lawyer and see what he says... then decide on what will make me happier.

In FOOD news... I bought thick cut top something pork chops, they were 1/2 the price of beef at Costco. I've never cooked chops, looked a few recipes up, all said sear in a skillet, then oven bake. Mine are seared and in the oven, we'll see how they turn out, but they smell awesome!!

I finally have a few free days and have done nothing. The clean laundry is in hampers, the dishes are dirty, the crafts are unmade... but I feel good!

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