Saturday, November 21, 2009

from an email...

...cause I'm lazy and don't need to type it all again!

On the, "my life doesn't suck right now", thread, I was following a lady too close the other night (Wednesday) in the dark rainy windy night, she was turning right at the intersection and made it half way around the corner before slamming on her brakes (I assume a pedestrian was in front of her) and I slammed mine on, running into her!! We were on 1st she was turning onto Mercer, so I turned and followed her a couple blocks (there's no place to pull over), finally she stopped, I stopped behind her, and she ran up to my window, "I don't care! I have to go!" I was so relieved!! After Bob Terry talked me down from the lawyer thing, (and I was safely parked and off the road,) I called him to tell him about the lady. He asked if there was any damage, she was in an SUV and there wasn't any visual damage to her car. I hadn't seen mine... Later I texted him that I did get a slight dent in the passenger front side panel.

I was on the toilet in Trader Joe's and he texted back, "This is the Universe balancing things out." I was going #2 at TJ's with workers talking outside the door and the sheer relief of the car accident not counting with everything that has happened, made me start laughing. I was cracking up on the toilet at Trader Joe's!

One of my weirdest moments in my life ever.

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