Thursday, October 22, 2009

tmi! girly girls

I'm at work breathing through cramps, so my stomach will not tense up, so the advil will digest and the stupid cramps will ease... And oh... it's 2 days early?! I hate early. I mean, I would rather be early than late, but constantly early people have control issues. Or something...? (I'm always late and feel it's not normal to have so much time you can be early ALL the time.)

I went to the doc last week, a new one, for the girl parts... They sent off a sample to culture and see what the F is going on. It's like having ear wax or a booger, it's kinda abnormal in a gross and annoying way, but there's not much else. I didn't heal/respond to their previous diagnosis's and treatments, (or mine!). I don't have itching burning fish odors.

I'm going to the gym after work, I'm missing off skate practice because of work, and I've skated only once this week. My fridge is mostly empty. I just haven't had time to make meals and package 'em ready to h/eat... and tonight probably will want to eat asap, shower, then sleep! I love Subway's 24 hour shop next to UW, I think that will be my going-to-the-gym reward.

In league news: We about doubled yesterday (38 new chicks signed on the line and 3 are taking some time to think). After our last influx I studied girls' names, real and derby; I knew about 4/5th of our roster. uh... 40 more?! I will suggest they update their pictures, put info in their profile, and put names on helmets...

Here we go again!

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