Monday, October 26, 2009

stuck in the middle

I felt like I had been off skates forever (only 6 days). Glad to make it to practice, practice wasn't great, but we had a lot of girls (maybe 50), everyone from second time on skates (ever) to ready to bout girls. I'm totally in the middle and since there are only a few of us... we kinda got left to our own devices... Really fast pace lines for the not new skaters- too fast for me. And stopping and falling drills for the new skaters- too slow for me. I skated in circles. Doing crossovers. Wishing I was in a paceline...

I am starving. I'm making fish with a dill sauce and icing my sore body parts, I didn't fall today, (a few cartoonish moves to stay upright)...but my knees, back and thigh are mad at me for lack of sleep and skating. We have another practice tomorrow and I want to be 100%... I kinda can't wait. I want a hard practice but not one that I totally fail.

I also paid bills. Everything but the medical, and I hope they are forgiving... economy and all... my "left-over money" divided by days till I get paid again=$10 a day budget! That's for any/every thing outside "bills". Gas, food, knee-hi socks, and adult skate night... I hate being so poor, but empowered to be able to live within my means. Over $700 a month is paying off debt that will be done in a few months... I'm on a money diet too.

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