Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sick week

I've got the "season just changed" cold. It's not an energy zapper, but snotty, sore throat, and now the lingering weeze cough. I skipped practice yesterday- I was there but didn't skate and not physically "close" to any one so I could be a part of the team but not get my mates sick.

In other news... Skating Green Lake (because I can be all germy outdoors and behind mates if anyone else wants to skate) and meeting girls to skate Alki Thursday! By skate Alki I mean there is 3 miles of pretty straight pavement... and a "bank" to skate! I'm looking forward to putting the crash pants under cargo shorts for any pavement spills/sliding as we practice skating ramps. And there is a few train tracks to cross getting there...

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