Saturday, October 17, 2009

pew! pew! go my finger guns

(I stole that title- from a picture but I totally felt it tonight)

It's been raining everyday all week. As a skater I have mixed feelings about the rain- I live in Seattle, so seriously, it's going to rain. I like layers, I like rubber boots and splashing in puddles. I like coming home and shedding the outer layer... but I hate being forced to pay to skate. Adult skate, open skate, teen skate, $6 and up for about 2 hours of skating, I live 30 minutes from any rink, and unless there is other derby girls, it's basic skating in a circle.

That said, Wednesday was Sally Von Trample's, (one of our TTRB founder's) birthday and a lot of us went to Adult Skate. When I realized it was 2 months and 1 day from my first practice I needed to re-visit crossovers. Sally got my head and feet to work together and had me doing crossovers in a few minutes. Seriously! What was my problem?!

Because it's so new for my head/body I really wanted to get back on the rink asap, Thursday we had an off skate practice (workout); Friday was my next chance- if I'd brave teen night.

Teen night was awkward. Teenagers are weird, kids have bad trajectory, I felt like I was flying an X-wing Fighter (Star Wars) with lasers and projectiles to dodge. If only I could shoot back... pew! pew! I skated for 2 hours, about 90 minutes of just skating cross-overs. (The first 30 minutes was getting the feel of the kid pack mentality... and there's the pizza, candy wrappers, paper cups I skated over...)

I feel like a child taking their first steps, a little wobbly, a little stiff, but very excited and proud- I'm trying to keep from shouting, "Watch ME!!" at every corner.

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