Wednesday, October 14, 2009

out of stock

Just frustrated... my knee is still tender (the bone in the joint) so I would like to order bigger better knee pads. Sin City is the only place that seems to do "derby" reviews for products and the skater's profiles all use 187 Pro knee pads. I would like to too.

No where has them in stock in Medium. I'm frustrated because I have a sore knee that I don't want to hurt anymore.

I've been online for an hour and found one place that hasn't said they are out of stock or back-ordered. They are a small skateboard co. and could just not be that web-site advanced; cause I ordered them yesterday, after that same search, and today I got called they were out...

UPDATE: they emailed they will have them in to ship out by Monday the 26th. I left my order standing because I don't want any more delays...
UPDATE: the pads are still not shipped 11/8/09
UPDATE: I canceled the order since they havn't shipped YET (11/15/09) and just came in at Sin City... Both knees are bruised and I want new pads so bad!

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