Wednesday, October 21, 2009

every girl needs a tutu

My mom and Grandpa came to practice today. I'm glad they left before the hitting (and falling) drills... I fell on the same left butt cheek, it's sore and throbs... The rest of practice was good, I liked the worm pace line and the whip pace line, the whip line was scary but I want to do it again (scary because I'm still learning how to control my feet and speed).

I ate diet junk food because I have nothing else ready, but wasn't ready to (stand up another minute to) make real food. I figure I'll have soup later to round off my day.

After my 20 minutes of RICE-ing the sore spots I tutu-ed. It makes me smile. You can see the post practice crusty sweat/ salt line on one leg.

This week my grandpa is in town, I work more than normal and we have a TTRB meeting... I might not get to skate again this week.

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