Friday, October 30, 2009


I went to Adult skate and had a BLAST!! I love derby girls. I worked on crossovers... I skated as much as I could (ignoring or stretching the aches a few times)... I didn't fall, and thank God- since I have a huge knot on my butt that hurts to even sit on!

After we sat and chilled in the bowling alley (open later) and they were playing a collection of skate and bowling clips. This Roller Babies Evian commercial cracked me up, I had to share.

I skipped derby stuff today and helped at my sister's church, ate dinner with my mom, delivered a piece of furniture, and picked up the canopy for the "They Shall Walk" Roll-a-thon the team is participating in on Saturday. Skating 5 Miles in costume, how friggin' awesome is that?!

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