Sunday, October 11, 2009

gone rogue

Non Derby thoughts-
Food poisoning is gross and I hope you never get it, but if you do I hope it was as quick as mine. I read about it (after the main "event") they warn to see a doc if it lasts more than 36-48 hours. I felt better 12 hours later.

I LOVE the clothes on this website: Too Fast Clothing When I win the lotto, I'm getting a whole wardrobe from them.

I shop at ON more than I want to, but they are cheap and have generic stuff that gets clearanced out for cheap. I bought a wind/rain resistant jacket for skating outside, and a $15 vest- part of their birthday deal.

I finished the Sookie Stackhouse books and was told to look at the Stephanie Plum Series. I bought "One for the Money", and in the same aisle was more Charlaine Harris and I couldn't resist so I got the first book of 3 of her other series... I wish I had one with me at work right now- the boss is here (got here around 3AM!!) I can't watch movies.

I also picked up black and purple tulle to make a no-sew tutu. I was going to hit one more store to get 2 tones of purple. (this is my favorite pic of a no sew tutu)

In the name of my derby league I signed up for a booth at the Punk Rock Flea Market. (I felt like a rogue team member.) I passed it on the Event's committee and haven't heard anything about it since... I think if we don't tell league mates we need- have a booth and are selling "crafts" in 7 weeks, they might not be able to make and donate crafts! I have 2 things that I'd like to make/sell but I don't think I could do it ALL donate-able; we need to figure out reimbursement. The supplies for my tutu was $18. Even for kids it would be $10, I could donate 2..?

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