Wednesday, October 28, 2009

can you break a butt?

First- practice was great. I was late but we knew that would happen with the mouthguard appointment. Second-I fell on my right butt bone!! Hard. Then got skated into on my right butt bone! And now I am mad that I didn't fall on pads or on someone else- a soft body to cusion me!

I hope to work it out (by "work it out" I mean frozen yogurt and sleep) enough so I can make it to adult skate. I will probably go unless I can't move; nothing is broken and I feel like I heel faster if I continue to move/use [muscles, joints]. I'm using the butt soreness as my gym and laundry postponment excuse tonight, I still have about 6 pairs of clean undies left!

I went to my first Event Committee meeting after practice, it was fun. I'm excited at the events we have coming in the months to come!!

(spell check isn't working and I can't... sorry!)

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