Friday, September 25, 2009

"We have wheels!"

I frakkin' love LOVE skating Green Lake- and not just because there are not tight corner that I should be doing the "crossovers" in... I like slamming my trunk and leaving my car and security blanket (not literal!) in the parking lot. I like when kids watch and smile and wave. I love the sound of the rocks skipping out from under my wheels. I own that path.

I am so glad that parking in the North parking lot was suggested for my first time- it take a few minutes to get the feel of the outdoor wheels and surface, to warm up, to sink in... Then there's a little up hill, 2 rough patches and lots of tree debris before the little down hill. That's the sweet spot, speed, sun behind me and lots of flat, fast, gravel free path.

Skating alone it took 1/2 a lap to get my skate rhythm. And some confidence. And then the attitude kicked in! Well, I smiled at everyone and make sarcastic comments in my head...

Except when the douche-bags were walking in the wheel lane- not to pass, not moving to the side when they hear wheels coming. I yelled at them, "Coming through in the wheel lane!" Most people would stop dead in their tracks. I don't get that... I didn't stop, I hope they learn that lesson.

My favorite was when 1 of 4 adults who were shoulder to shoulder in the wheel lane, one moved kinda to the side and I stepped through- one was pushing a stroller and yelled after me "We have wheels!" I gave them fair warning I was coming and they were in my lane. I'm game, I have speed, pads, and know how to fall. What are you really going to do in your Keds?

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