Friday, September 25, 2009

TMI #2

First I'm skating Green lake today because yesterday wasn't as much of a workout as I feel like I needed/wanted...

But that brings me to #2's... as soon as I decided I was going to go skate, I had to go... you know #2; in fact, before every practice and Green Lake skate I've gone. I can't thank my body enough for this phenomenon. As weird as it sounds I can't "hold it" for more than 15-30 minutes and I really don't want to have to go with skates on, in a cement park stall with thin icky tp... or during practice; I'm socially awkward already, I don't want the awkwardness of being/skating with people and excuse myself to "use the restroom" or "be right back" and then take over 5 minutes... (Or when someone comes with and then do you wait till they are done and out of the stall to start or just go and let them deal with it?!)

I know everyone does it, but I'm glad it hasn't cause interference yet.

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