Wednesday, September 30, 2009

stupid falling

I loved practice, I even felt like I was hitting ok and skating ok (minus the elusive cross-overs), but now I feel grumpy and hungry. I think I fall more than anyone else. A few times- ok, I fell small and landed on pads. Then a big hit took me down on my side butt and I was off my game. I took a few girls out with me tonight, took a few shins to the head, then I landed on a knee (on purpose!) -the sore knee- and I was out.

Things that make me not grumpy- Mac-n-Cheese. It's on tonight's menu. My electric fly swatter- nothing more satisfying that hearing an annoying fruit fly pop to oblivion. I just bought some arnica cream and another ice pack so I can rotate more often... maybe one for my ass, one for my knee... they might be a favorite thing too.

And I'm going to make my favorite chili tomorrow to try eating with acidophilus (to see how farty it makes makes me. I haven't made it in 2 months because of derby/falling/farting issues).

I am going to try to get to the gym tonight- it'll depend on my post mac mood. Cheese makes everything better.

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