Friday, September 4, 2009

no skate couple of days

It's 2 am and I'm on my way to the gym... after a little snack, yogurt and nuts probably. I have been busy and out of town (no computer or phone!) for a day and feel very behind. Tuesday practice was ok, started late because we were excited to talk/listen about the scrimmage Sunday (I was at work) with the Hula Honeys. Then off to practice stops and falls. Then some team building, endurance stuff (not as exciting as hitting, but twice as important), and before we knew, practice was over. No injuries all around, so it was a good day!

Wednesday I wanted to skate but because I didn't get to bed early enough, I didn't get up early enough, and did not. I did however make it to the gym Tuesday night/Wed morning and got a bunch of stuff done on Wednesday.

I bought some skate clothes- some spanky-derby-ish outfits pieces and some staples (leggings and long sleeve t's). Totally unrelated I also stocked up on a ton of stuff at Target because I had coupons for everything from tp to mouthwash. A new buckle is in the mail so I can wear the S*one helmet finally... I remade the car wash flier so it's easier to read and it's 1/4 page so I can go now and make photo copies at work. (shhh)

Today I missed practice to go to a Seahawks game. I was so sad to hear that a photographer was going to be at practice- I'm such a picture whore and I have only been able to take them with self timer... I'd love some real action shots... I say that then I'd fall, trip, crash... not that kind of action...
Off to sweat it out!

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