Sunday, September 13, 2009

around and round

I watched Hell on Wheels- a documentary about roller derby revival. It was bad. It was a good documentary, but rough to watch. The first group of girls self destructed; it took a suicide and a major accident before the skaters asked for some more representation in the decisions, when the core said no, the majority walked away and started a new league. After another accident, the core (She-E-O's) sort of broke down, realized they didn't know what they were doing and restructured (like the group of girls that left them- had asked them to do a year before). By the end I was teary-eyed at their struggle and successes, but wanted to vomit from the turmoil and seeing the blood...

I'm missing practice today because I'm at work. It's a "mandatory" practice, but I don't know what that means if I can never make it on Sundays. I am going to skate around Green Lake (2.8 mi.) Monday. I'm scared, but some people will be there to help call 911 if needed...

Because of all the stuff I have to do Monday (starting at be in Bellevue at 10am) I am skipping the gym tonight, so I can sleep. (And no caffeine! I feel very slooowwww.)

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