Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I was down

I practiced for about an hour Sunday night at the gym (with a mini photo shoot in the middle), even placed cones and practiced side (hop) stepping and slalom-ing- which I need to practice more! I tried to do cross-overs (aerobic step "grapevine"), but my knees and feet won't do it on wheels. I did a lot of stomping-they did that at practice Tuesday (when I was injured); there's something about keeping your feet moving, it's scary but it works for skating faster and more control (mobility).

Monday I went to a "gay skate party" at Bellevue Skate King. (I wore pads, no helmet or mouth guard. It wasn't as rough a crowd as derby practice!) It was fun, I did the hokey pokey. I shook it all about... I fell during "Whoopie". It's like a game that the announcer has a blast and the skaters hate them for it. We had to skate in groups of 2-3, every time she calls out "Whoopie" we have to stop and change direction. I'm not good with the stopping. It wasn't that fun...

Later in the night (after over 2 hours on skates) the lights are low, the crazy disco ball and weird lights are going, and I'm skating to a good Lady Gaga song, singing along, and WHAM! I'm on the ground. There was no warning, no thought, no "it felt like slow motion", I was down.

The "fall" training, the protective gear, whatever- saved my life. or at least my knees/butt/elbows. Because I landed the most perfect beautiful 2 knee fall position. And some nice gay guy was looking guilty and asking me if I was OK. I totally was, I got up and skated till they kicked us out. He apologized again later, we agreed that of anyone to run into, I was the best protected. "Try that again BITCH!" is what I'll say next time... ;-)

I have yet to wash my pads (stinky girl) but I have washed my mouth guard... and I just drilled some holes in a plastic "glad" container so it can dry in there after washing/ rinsing so there's less chance of a) bacteria growing on it b) forgetting it because it's out drying somewhere. On a side note, I drilled more holes in my belt so it will fit me- WooHoo! and some extra holes in the travel tooth brush container... since I was drilling at 4AM...

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