Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I want to eat some

This weekend I made it to the gym Saturday and Sunday, both days focusing on thighs and knees (after cardio) and both days were great, tired, but not exhausted by the time I was done. Monday I got 8 hours of sleep, then woke up and started getting ready for an open skate (Gay Skate Party).

(my *crazy* rollergirl look)
The skating was fun, my friend Bob came and he can do crossovers! (Not fair!) After awhile my thigh started to ache, I kept skating. My thigh started quivering, I kept skating. I hope that it's not injured and just tired...

I was so hungry driving home I ate french fries and a hamburger from Dick's! It was so good. I told myself it was ok because I was also going to the gym tonight... And after I ate, I got dressed for the gym... I left my house with sweat rag and ipod... And when I was going down the stairs my fatigued thigh and already corrupted will power changed my mind...

I walked to the grocery store. I bought some meat (I've been craving it so much these days) and yogurt with a coupon... And I'm back at home to stretch my thigh, marinate the meat, and go to bed early (earlier than I would have).

I wish I didn't fail both on diet and exercise today, because everything else was good... and Wednesday I'm going to the Puyallup Fair- home of fried everything, and I want to eat some!

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