Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I am in love with this!"

Ah- steak is ready for post practice grilling! Yum!! Dishes ran after quiet hours, but it was really loud outside (concert just got over) so I hope no one complains about me (still horns honking), cause I totally needed it.

I loved practice. I fell a lot. Some on purpose and some not. I could do everything, some things better than others...

Wednesday some of us girls are going to the Fair and then I'll be at the gym to work off all the fried food!

Thursday (Outdoor skating!! I love it!!) I'm skating around Green Lake a couple hours and then we are going to a "Whip-it" preview!! About 2/3 of the league is skipping practice to see the movie preview as a league, then going drinking as a league!!

"I am in love with this!"

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