Friday, September 11, 2009

happy tired and sore

Wednesday was Tilted Thunder's 1 year anniversary since becoming official. A lot of us girls went to adult skate. I was having a bad skate day, it was like my skates were on someone else's feet. Something was wrong, but I don't know enough to even know what was wrong. Loosened my wheels, tightened my trucks...

Thursday was the 8th practice- officially 4 weeks since I started. I still managed to fall 3 times on my butt and 2 of them were painful- but I did miss the tailbone! I think the right bottom edge of my pelvis is bruised (bone under the right butt cheek) and then I landed hard the the left butt meat. I worked out hard at the gym and foam rolled the crap out of it so I hope after a day it'll be back to normal.

Other than that I really enjoyed practice. I needed the basics we went over (stopping and falling) and I LOVE the "pack-up" drills, by far my favorite. Tonight's surprise was when it was called out that everyone with red wheels had to take a knee- that's about 1/3 of the girls of a very large clump of us all holding each other suddenly falling. Aah!

I also took a minute with Doc Diz to re-learn how to skate backwards, it's not the first time, but it was the most successful! I need to practice a lot, but I totally moved backwards, which hasn't happened before (on purpose).

Tonight there was also 2 more derby girl milestones! I washed my pads!! and I changed my bearings!! Very exciting stuff happening around here!


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