Sunday, September 6, 2009

foam rollin'

I am fighting a little cold. It's little right now, but tomorrow I'm washing cars for 5 hours and it'll probably be in the rain...

I'm going to the gym anyway. If I don't make it on Sunday nights I have a bad week. And it helps to have one out of the way so then I have 6 days to get 2-3 more... easy.

Last Thursday I was at the gym later than normal (arrived around 4AM- when I usually leave); before I left it was crowded with the before work, work-outers. I found a trainer and asked some questions. He had me on the foam roller stretching* some painful leg things. And then some. This is the information I've needed for months!! Hip flexors, IT Band, quad and calfs are in need of serious attention after skating.

*The trainer had me doing this much slower since I'm sore and it was my first time. I tried it just from the video tutorial and it hurt so much I never tried it again!

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