Tuesday, September 15, 2009

doing what you neet to

Skating Green Lake was awesome. 4 Girls showed up to help and skate with me. We did 4 laps! I still haven't tried a T-stop out there, but the plow worked, taking a knee worked, and the "Pants Dive" was fun. Pant's told me she learned to skate, skating Green Lake, and before she knew how to stop, she would roll off the path into the grass and sort of dive/flop.

Practice tonight was good. We only had one coach and skated basics. He said, "I know you're getting frustrated with me, but you're doing good, you're doing what you need to." And I totally don't feel like it. I CAN NOT do cross overs. I can do them stationary, I can do them on carpet, but we get in a circle and I pick up my right foot and fall on my ass.

I'm soooo NOT frustrated with my coach- him I love! (I love/appreciate both guy coaches and all the older chicks that help us.) I'm frustrated with me. It's like my body won't just do what I tell it. (Side note- I did get a bruise from last Thursday's practice- it's just where I don't look often- my "inner under ass" ass- just below where the crash pants cover!)

I'm figuring out my skates too. I've added duck tape to the scuffs, added a toe guard, inserted an athletic foot bed, changed how I lace them 3 times, took out the athletic food bed- and put in a birkenstock foot bed then the original foot bed over it... And tonight I'm putting the outdoor wheels back on for skating Green Lake tomorrow.

Chicken is in the oven for the post practice feast! Some things that get me through it all: Lawry's Baja Chipotle marinade. I got it from Heather's pantry- it's good for all meats! I just found and love "nuun" drink add-in's "natural hydration drink tabs". They are a mini version of gatorade, in an effervesent tab. I haven't opened, but found Roller Derby bubble gum cigarettes, they might be good!

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