Friday, September 18, 2009

Dizzle says Swizzle!!

As much as I'm sore and frustrated I'm not a better skater already, I love skating!! I'll do basics for hours, I might have burning thighs and numb feet, but I'm good. I'll keep trying, I might let an "I can't" or "oh shit" slip out... But that's just things I say and they don't really mean anything other than "I'm frustrated."

Today's basics were cross-overs and backwards skate- including transitions and backwards-one-foot-gliding. Or more backwards skating if you were me. (At one point I said, "what?" when I couldn't hear the coach, and a girl yells, "Dizzle says Swizzle!!")

We will always have an endurance skate. Today we pushed each other- shopping cart style, and did pace lines. Pace lines were my favorite today. I didn't take anyone out! I tried a new backwards worm and it was crazy fun.

I was also called "Trouble" and was reminded of my youth! I was given a sparkle gold motorcycle helmet with the name "Trouble" on it as a "prize" from my YMCA group. Hahaha! If only I could find a cool derby name with Trouble.

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