Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dirty knees, look at these!

Between the sore muscles/joints and the cold weather I feel like an old lady.

I hung out with a friend today, "call me when you're on your way over" me "I'll be leaving a few minutes- I just have to get dressed." him "You're not going to shower?" "no, I'm too cold to get naked and wet, then have wet hair for an hour, plus I HAVE to shower later (after practice)." "Showers warm you up. Then blow dry- your hair." "No. I'm leaving my house in a few minutes, dirty. And I'm not calling to tell you I'm on my way." "ok." " ok, bye" I'm not that kind of girl. (All we did was go to the hospital for a while and then ate soup... It's not like anyone was smelling me!)

Practice was great-ish. My knee feels weird*, a dull ache inside the knee joint. I'm really glad we didn't do falling drills. I had a good time and could pretty much keep up with everything... the butt blocking/slalom drill was weird because, were we supposed to slalom? or just block? the block-ee could skate faster than I could slalom in front of them, if I skated to stay in front I was told to get lower and keep slaloming...

I think it was during whip-its that I did fall, my only fall of the practice but it was like slow motion, I knew I was going down- because of the knee issue all I could think was "not the knee!" and landed on my hip. I'm wondering if it'll bruise- then I'll take a picture!

*Last Thursday at Green Lake my toe-stop fell out of my left skate, somehow completely stopping me- I was just in the position or something that everything landed on my right knee. I was all geared up and didn't notice anything at first. Later that night my knee was tender to the touch, 24-36 hours later a little bruise formed at the top inside of my right knee and a dull ache started. This was after my awesome 4 laps Friday, so I don't know if I irritated a deeper bruise or what. Our team nurse said to ice, wrap, and use it lightly (no workouts) for a few days. Because nothing is swollen and the bruise is small I'd not care- except it's a KNEE! Those are important.

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