Saturday, September 5, 2009

City Guys... they're charmers!

On the bus Thursday this guy was standing in the aisle next to me for a few stops, before sitting next to me. I do the courteous nod "hi". I should know by now to stop nodding "hi" to strangers...

He asks what I'm doing this weekend, "working, what about you?" thinking he has some awesome plans to share- since it's obviously on his mind... nothing, hanging out.

OK, I go back to staring out the window... he says, "Well I"- and I turn to make eye contact because someone is talking to me- "I'm looking for a girlfriend who can support me."

"I'm not that girl." and turn to look out the window!

He got off at the next stop.

(I'm skipping the charmers that sat behind us at the Hawks/ Raiders game...)

10 hours later I'm at the gym getting my skates on. "Barry" the plumber comes in and says, "I'm bringing my mat in here."

I can't tell him no, it's not my room. He reminds me that I said "Hi" to him the other day as I passed. I say hi to regular gym goers...

He asks me if I've heard him talking to me. "No, my earphones are awesome, they block out all the ambient noise."

No, he tells me, he was talking to me in his head. I didn't hear that either.

We chatted about sixth senses and working out while I skated and he stretched. I sat down taking my skates off, he says, "I'm putting you in me right now. Do you feel it?"

Nope. "Hmm... someone else is in you. What color are your eyes?" Blue. He looks into my eyes, and says again, "You have people here."

I nodded, I thought they were with me.

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